ColdKey 11

ColdKey disables Windows Hot-Keys.

ColdKey runs as a tray icon utility to disable over 350 different hot-key combinations in Windows 10 or Windows 11.

A Different Goal Than Secure Desktop

Secure Desktop has always been a product designed as a full desktop security solution. ColdKey is our solution for customers who just want to disable various hot-key combinations. Period.

ColdKey Is Very Simple

ColdKey runs as a tray icon in the Windows Explorer shell. With ColdKey, there is one tabbed dialog with lists of over 350 different hot-keys. Simply check the hot-key combinations to disable.

Custom Replacement Shell?

Developing a custom replacement shell? This can be fairly simple, but disabling keystrokes is not. Use a custom shell with ColdKey for a complete solution.

Use Windows Policies?

The Windows Policy Manager provides many features for securing the Windows desktop. With ColdKey, disable over 350 different hot-key combinations. Take control over the Windows user interface.


ColdKey is ideal for software or hardware companies that need to easily disable Windows hot-keys. Please contact Visual Automation for volume licensing information.


The ColdKey Password is used for this dialog and for exiting ColdKey. The Password is not case sensitive.


Disable ColdKey Settings for the currently logged in user, located in the registry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Visual Automation\ColdKey

When the OK or Apply button is clicked, for the currently logged in user, the settings are saved for that user. If Save As Default is checked, the default settings are saved also. Default settings are used when there are no settings for the currently logged in user.

Automatic Start-up

Automatically start ColdKey, a setting in the registry.

XML Configuration File

ColdKey configuration is now stored in the following location in Windows 10:


ColdKey Key..Mouse Tab

ColdKey 11 Key..Mouse Tab

ColdKey F1..F12 Tab

ColdKey 11 F1..F12 Tab

ColdKey A..Z 0..9 Tab

ColdKey 11 A..Z 0..9 Tab

ColdKey Key State Tab

ColdKey 11 Key State Tab

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ColdKey 11 Data Sheet

Disable Windows Hot-Keys

  • alt-esc
  • alt-tab
  • space
  • alt-space
  • alt-home
  • alt-end
  • enter
  • alt-enter
  • alt-left arrow
  • alt-right arrow
  • alt-up arrow
  • alt-down arrow
  • alt-shift-esc
  • alt-shift-tab
  • alt-shift-space
  • ctrl-esc
  • ctrl-tab
  • ctrl-shift-tab
  • ctrl-alt-esc
  • ctrl-alt-shift-esc
  • ctrl-page up
  • ctrl-page down
  • ctrl-delete
  • ctrl-.
  • ctrl-shift-.
  • ctrl-break
  • esc
  • shift-esc
  • windows key
  • applications key
  • pause
  • print screen
  • alt-print screen
  • ctrl-print screen
  • shift-print screen
  • delete
  • shift-delete
  • up arrow
  • down arrow
  • num lock
  • scroll lock
  • caps lock


  • alt left mouse button
  • shift left mouse button
  • control left mouse button
  • middle mouse button
  • alt middle mouse button
  • shift middle mouse button
  • control middle mouse button
  • right mouse button
  • alt right mouse button
  • shift right mouse button
  • control right mouse button
  • x1 mouse button
  • alt x1 mouse button
  • shift x1 mouse button
  • control x1 mouse button
  • x2 mouse button
  • alt x2 mouse button
  • shift x2 mouse button
  • control x2 mouse button


  • f1-f12
  • alt f1-f12
  • alt-shift f1-f12
  • shift f1-f12
  • ctrl f1-f12
  • ctrl-shift f1-f12
  • ctrl-alt f1-f12
  • ctrl-alt-shift f1-f12


  • alt a-z
  • alt-shift a-z
  • ctrl a-z
  • ctrl-shift a-z
  • ctrl-alt a-z
  • ctrl-alt-shift a-z


  • alt 0-9
  • alt-shift 0-9
  • ctrl 0-9
  • ctrl-shift 0-9
  • ctrl-alt 0-9
  • ctrl-alt-shift 0-9
  • alt-'
  • alt-shift-'
  • ctrl-'
  • ctrl-shift-'
  • ctrl-alt-'
  • ctrl-alt-shift-'
  • alt-[
  • alt-shift-[
  • ctrl-[
  • ctrl-shift-[
  • ctrl-alt-[
  • ctrl-alt-shift-[
  • alt-]
  • alt-shift-]
  • ctrl-]
  • ctrl-shift-]
  • ctrl-alt-]
  • ctrl-alt-shift-]


  • stickykeys (shift key 5 times)
  • filterkeys (hold down right shift key for 8 seconds)
  • togglekeys (hold down num lock key for 5 seconds)
  • high contrast (alt-left shift-print screen)
  • mousekeys (alt-left shift-num lock)