Upgrade from Version 11.xx to 11.11

https://visualautomation.com/download/suup1111.zip (8.8M)

Changes for 11.11

  • Earlier versions of Secure Utilities was not compatible with the first build of Windows 10
  • This has been corrected

New Features for 11.10

  • Added sKey On Screen Keyboard utility, named sKey.exe
    • This is a 32-bit application
    • It is just an on screen keyboard, no other functionality

New Features for 11.00

  • New Secure Utilities 11
    • Secure Utilities is a new package of utilities
      • This is version 11 because some of these utilities have shipped in previous versions of Secure Desktop
      • Secure Utilities is available as it's own package
      • Secure Utilities 11 is included with Secure Desktop 11
  • Window 10, Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019 support only
  • Secure Desktop utilities such as sExplore, sCopy, sNote and sLogOff are now packaged into Secure Utilities
  • New utilities include a new sControl, sEject and sRun
    • New sControl launches the system Control Panel dialog
    • New sEject launches the system Eject Device dialog
    • New sRun launches the system Run dialog
    • New sUtility provides utility help and registry setting utilities
      • Secure Desktop Tools Administrator tab Logon and Drives functionality now part of Secure Utilities (sUtility.exe)
  • User Interface Improvements
    • Secure Utilities is now DPI Aware (Dots Per Inch)
      • Icons and images within applications look better on high resolution monitors
  • Tested on Microsoft Surface Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro X