Secure Utilities

Secure Utiilites File Tab

Secure Utilities 11 File Tab

Secure Utilities Are Useful

Secure Utilities is a collection of small command-line apps and a user interface for helpful registry settings.

File Utilities

sExplore File Explorer displays files for launch. For a simple way to copy files between 2 fixed folder locations, there is sCopy File. sNote Viewer is a text file viewer.

The user can not roam around the file system with these utilities. Or delete files. Or rename files.

Secure Utiilites System Tab

Secure Utilities 11 System Tab

System Utilities

sRun Program displays the system Run Dialog. Use sControl Panel to launch the Windows Control Panel. sEject Device displays the Eject Device Dialog.

Secure Utiilites Input Tab

Secure Utilities 11 Input Tab

Input Utilities

sKey On Screen Keyboard is a simple on screen keyboard for use when there is only a touch screen and not a physical keyboard.

Secure Utiilites Administrator Tab

Secure Utilities 11 Administrator Tab

Registry Settings

Set Auto Logon. Set Ctrl + Alt + Delete screen settings. Hide Drives. Set Auto Logoff Screen Saver settings.