iLockNess disables menus, toolbar buttons, and hot-keys in the Mozilla Browser.

For Immediate Release

Monday, October 14, 2002

Contact: Duane Fahey

Visual Automation, Inc.


Grand Ledge, MI

Visual Automation, Inc. today releases iLockNess(TM) for the Windows version of Mozilla. iLockNess is an Add-On for the Mozilla Browser, providing control over the browser's user interface features for using a browser on a kiosk computer.

Another Piece To The Computer Kiosk

Nearly all of our Secure Desktop customers are using it on a computer that many different people use. Many of these customers are using Secure Desktop with a browser for internet or intranet web browsing. By harnessing the power of the open source browser Mozilla, iLockNess provides many more features to control the browser's user interface.

iLockNess Is Very Simple

iLockNess runs as a Mozilla add-on, so the configuration is simply a few more panes within the Mozilla configuration. You can easily disable menu items, hot-keys, toolbar items and even the ability to download. By combining the iLockNess configurations with the existing Mozilla features, a very secure browsing environment can be created.

The Perfect Compliment To Secure Desktop Or iLock

By combining Secure Desktop or iLock with Mozilla and iLockNess, you will have a very secure kiosk environment.

Great For Network Services

Many software programs already run from a browser interface using Java, CGI, or some other technology. As more companies create products for Microsoft's .NET, Sun's N1, Oracle's 9i and others, a secure browsing platform will become more and more relavent.

Availability and Pricing

iLockNess is available direct from Visual Automation, Inc. or any of its authorized resellers at the list price of $95 USD, 5-pack of $350, and 10-pack of $600 immediately. Online purchasing is available via Digital River at

System Requirements

iLockNess is designed for version 1.0 of Mozilla for Windows. Mozilla is available for free from

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