New Secure Desktop Version 2.19

For Immediate Release

Monday, February 26, 1996

Contact: Duane Fahey

Visual Automation, Inc.


Grand Ledge, MI

While most personal computers are indeed "personal," a large percentage of computers are "public". Factory floors, laboratories, computer classrooms, department stores, restaurants, hotels, office building lobbies, and even fast food restaurants provide personal computers for public use. Typically, these computers provide a specific information purpose, running only one or a handful of programs. Many of these applications are MS-DOS based, as it's easier to "take control" of the computer in this environment. It was easy for the public to mess up a Windows computer, but not anymore!

"Secure Desktop for Windows is the only software package providing full, comprehensive application security in Windows," claims President and founder of Visual Automation, Duane Fahey. Secure Desktop contains a program manager replacement and task manager replacement with full password protection -- even a screen saver. Fahey's experience in the automation industry, where "public" computers are prevalent on the plant floor, prompted the new product's development.

System Administrators can prevent "break-out" of the Config.sys and Autoexec.bat files during boot-up. Windows keystrokes such as Ctrl-Alt-Del, Ctrl-Esc, and Alt-Tab can be disabled. Programs can be launched as "hidden". Second instances can be prevented. Menus in launched programs can be grayed or removed! All of these features provide more "control" over the computer environment by the System Integrator. Additional system services such as resource, memory, and disk space monitoring; DDE Server and Client support; and program scheduling; round out this unique software package.

Secure Desktop for Windows version 2.19 has been tested under Windows 95. Although some features do not apply in this environment, the basic security functions still apply. A 32-bit version of Secure Desktop is currently under development.

Visual Automation was founded in 1994. Secure Desktop List Price: $195.00, with quantity discounts available. Requires: 4MB RAM, 2 MB hard disk space, Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later. Visual Automation, Inc., Grand Ledge, MI; 517-622-1850; fax 517-622-1761; e-mail; Home Page

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