Secure Desktop 6.5 and ColdKey 2.0 now support Terminal Services

For Immediate Release

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Contact: Duane Fahey

Visual Automation, Inc.


Grand Ledge, MI

Visual Automation, Inc. today releases ColdKey 2.0 for Windows 2000/XP & Terminal Services for Windows 2000/2003. With this, in addition to the recent release of Secure Desktop 6.5, Visual Automation now supports Terminal Services for both Windows 2000 Server and the new Windows 2003 Server.

Security in a Terminal Services Environment

In two Visual Automation's primary markets, automation and retail POS, Terminal Services is gaining strong acceptance. Secure Desktop 6.5 and ColdKey 2.0 now support this environment, providing additional security features not found in the basic Terminal Services configuration.

Secure Desktop 6.5

To support Terminal Services with Secure Desktop 6.5, several changes were made concerning where configuration was stored for user profiles, and data used by all users. User interface improvements now show exactly where configuration is stored, as well as where any logged data is stored.

ColdKey 2.0

Terminal Services can run "shell free" for clients on the network. With this in mind, ColdKey needed to have the tray icon feature be optional. So now, customers can run ColdKey, without a shell, with only their main programs available to the user. This provides a very secure environment.

Availability and Pricing

Secure Desktop and ColdKey are available direct from Visual Automation, Inc. or any of its authorized resellers at the list price of $195 USD, 5-pack of $700, and 10-pack of $1,275 immediately. Online purchasing is available via Kagi at

System Requirements

Secure Desktop 6.5 is designed for Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP and Terminal Services for Windows 2000/2003. ColdKey is designed for Windows 2000/XP and Terminal Services for Windows 2000/2003. Features may vary slightly between different operating systems.

About Visual Automation, Inc.

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