New version provides enterprise wide desktop security

For Immediate Release

Monday, October 27, 1997

Contact: Duane Fahey

Visual Automation, Inc.


Grand Ledge, MI

Visual Automation, Inc. today announces Secure Desktop(TM) 4.0 for Windows® 95 and Windows NT®. Secure Desktop 4.0 represents a new design for use across the enterprise, whereas previous versions were targeted at the industrial automation industry for mission-critical situations. Secure Desktop is a desktop shell replacement for the purpose of limiting access to only specific applications on the computer.

Secure Desktop replaces Explorer Icons with Secure Icons

As a shell, Secure Desktop replaces the explorer interface, providing an icon toolbar in it’s place. Each icon or group of icons may be password protected. Secure Desktop configuration, the control panel settings, program run, and exiting Windows may also be password protected. Several key combinations may be disabled, such as Ctrl-Alt-Del or Alt-Tab. The administrator of the computer has full discretion to secure the desktop.

Menus in other programs can be disabled or removed

Not only does Secure Desktop provide security about what applications may be started, but it also provides some control over that application. Menus may be disabled or removed. The application can be started as hidden (useful for communications programs). Multiple instances of an application can be prevented.

Availability and Pricing

Secure Desktop 4.0 will be available direct from Visual Automation, Inc. or any of its authorized resellers at an MSRP of $195 USD, 5-pack of $700, and 10-pack of $1,275 in late November. Online purchasing will be available, watch the Visual Automation web page at for more information.

System Requirements

Secure Desktop 4.0 is designed for Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51, and Windows NT 4.0. Features vary slightly between different operating systems.

About Visual Automation, Inc.

Visual Automation, Inc. is a provider of security software products. Founded in 1994, the privately held company is recognized worldwide as a leader in Windows desktop security. Products include Secure Desktop, a Windows 3.1 and Windows 95/NT version; and iLock, a Windows 95 desktop security solution for home & classroom. Companies worldwide depend on Secure Desktop for their industrial automation manufacturing, including General Mills, Colgate-Palmolive, Nestle, Briggs & Stratton, E.I. Dupont, Siemens Medical, Genentech, Kraft, Ford, General Motors, 3M, Bayer, Nabisco, Kodak, and Quaker Oats.

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