New Secure Desktop 12 for Windows 10 and 11.

Visual Automation releases new Endpoint Security Software for Windows 10 and 11.

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Contact: Duane Fahey

Visual Automation, Inc.


Grand Ledge, MI

Visual Automation today released version 12 of Secure Desktop. This is an Endpoint Security solution for Windows 10 or 11, Windows Server 2016, 2019, and 2022. Secure Desktop 12 is a 32-bit application that is 64-bit Windows aware. Secure Desktop information is available at

Group Policy

In Secure Desktop 7 - 11, configuration data is in the sdesktop.xml file. With Secure Desktop 12, all configuration data is in the registry. Use Secure Desktop Tools or Group Policy to configure Secure Desktop.

Import most configuration data from an existing sdesktop.xml file. Export registry configuration to a TXT file. Import this exported TXT file to the registry on a different machine.

Audit Data Stored in CSV

In Secure Desktop 7 - 11, audit data is in XML files. With Secure Desktop 12, all audit data is either in CSV (comma-separated values) files, the Windows Event Log, or both.

View CSV files using our included sAudit.exe application. Or view using Microsoft Excel or other CSV compatible applications. Storing audit data in both CSV files and the Window Event Log provides redundancy.

Import Icon Information

As with previous versions of Secure Desktop, Secure Desktop 12 can easily import icon information from the Explorer shell, has a window wizard for window manipulation, icons and tabs can be password protected, user activity can be audited and over 400 keyboard shortcuts can be disabled. The included utility package, Secure Utilities 12, provides registry settings and small utilities that are helpful in a Secure Desktop environment.

FDA 21 CFR Part11

Secure Desktop 12 is great for Point of Sale, Cafe use, Factory Automation, Lab use, Kiosks, Hotel, Restaurant, Library -- really anyplace a Windows computer is used in a public location. Secure Desktop 12 is also used to aid in 21 CFR Part 11 compliance in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Availability and Pricing

Secure Desktop 12 is available immediately through the Visual Automation Store ( Price is $295 USD, 5-pack for $1,200 USD, 10-pack for $2,100 USD, and 15-pack for $3,150 USD. Or $150 USD for an upgrade from a previous version. Full system requirements and more information on Secure Desktop 12 can be found at


Secure Desktop 10 and Secure Desktop 11 are still available for legacy systems and will not add new features.

About Visual Automation, Inc.

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